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Apostle Simon
Digital ID: 00020
Inventory number (old): 16.020
ζ, δ 108
Category: Icon of the epistyle of the iconostasis
Conservation or restoration: Yes
Dimensions: 30,5 χ 21
Material: Wood
Technique: Wood with decorated carved extension
Bilateral Icon: No
Iconography- Obverse: 
Apostle Simon
Apostle Simon, blessing, closed scroll. Relief woodcut arch
Technique of Painting: Xylography
Additional Revetments: Without additional revetment
From: 1544
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Without inscription
Kind - Type of Inscription: Without inscription
Paleographic Data: Has no inscription
Language of Inscription: Without inscription
School, Workshop, Painter, Engraver: 
Probably Antonios, one of the painters of the Old Catholicon
Reverse without Iconography: 
Old Classification Number

Great Deisis of the Old Catholicon
Antonios painter
Related objects: Saint Paul.
Saint John the Forerunner
Apostle Simon
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Theotokos supplicant
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Condition report: 
Quite good
Monastery: Xenofontos Monastery
Appears in Collections:Portable Icons

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