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Digital ID: 00301
Category: Elements of manuscript binding (covers, metallic decorative elements, clasps)
Conservation or Restoration: Unknown
Dimensions: 34,8 Χ 27 Χ 4
Material: Metal
Technique: High relief
Iconography- Obverse: 
On both sides main depictions of the cover are the Harrowing of Hell and the Crucifixion respectively, at the corners the prophets David, Solomon, Zechariah, Isaiah and the Evangelists, the rest of the surface of each side is covered by thirteen sections depicting scenes from the Revelation of St John.
Aniconic Decoration: 
Floral decoration.
From: 1629
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Founding
Kind - Type of Inscription: Prose
Paleographic Data: Uncials
Language of Inscription: Greek

Scenes from the Twelve Great Feasts (Dodekaorton).
Scenes from the Revelation of St John.
Floral decoration.
Material of Additional Adornment: Other
Monastery: Simonos Petras Monastery
Appears in Collections:Miniature Art - Metalworking

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