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hanging vigil lamp
Digital ID: 00523
hanging vigil lamp
Category: Lamp - Polykandilo
Conservation or Restoration: Unknown
Dimensions: 24 ύψος x 8,3 (διάμ. κούπας) x 11,7 (μέγ. πλάτος)
Material: Glass
Technique: Engraved
Iconography- Obverse: 
Flower interlace,cross
Aniconic Decoration: 
vegetal deoration
From: 1850
To: 1950
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Without inscription
Kind - Type of Inscription: Without inscription
Paleographic Data: Has no inscription
Language of Inscription: Without inscription

vegetal decoration
Material of Additional Adornment: Other
Monastery: Pantokratoros Monastery
Appears in Collections:Miniature Art - Metalworking

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