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Manuscript No: 0191
From: 1804
To: 1804
Material: Paper
Dimensions: 150 Χ 102
Number of ff or/and pp: 
pp. 15-560
Number of columns: 1
Missing pages at the start or end: Beginning of the manuscript's text lacking (acephalous)
empty pages: φφ. 432-434
Title: 13_01_191
Language: Καραμανλίδικη
Content: pp. 15-431: On the Sacraments.
σσ. 15-431: Λειτουργική πραγματεία περί αγίων μυστηρίων

pp. 435-450: Offices and Troparia.
σσ. 435-450: Διάφορες λειτουργίες και τροπάρια στην ελληνική.

Notes info: Note kind: Other
Note position: upper pastedown, p. 550
Note text: Pen trials [Δοκιμές κονδυλίου.]
Note kind: Other
Note position: flyleaf α΄
Note text: Sketch of a horse [Σχέδιο μορφής αλόγου.]
General description of decoration: 
Limited use of red inks for the titles
Binding kind: Modern
Condition: Μέτρια
Board material: Cardboard
Cover material: Leather
Binding decoration: Print
Other Information: 
Lost pp. 1-15, 187-188. Page numbering stops on pp. 75,79,301α,301β
Ink: Μαύρο
Monastery: Simonos Petras Monastery
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