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veil to cover the chalice (aeras)
Digital ID: 00140
veil to cover the chalice (aeras)
Vestment or Veil: Aeras (veil for covering the paten and the chalice during or after the Eucharist)
Conservation or Restoration: Unknown
Dimensions: 38 x 44
Material: Silk fabric
Material of Additional Adornment: Precious - semi-precious stones
Gimp / gimps
Kind of Lining: Silk lining
Technique: Simple embroidery
Flat embroidery
crosses,radiant ornament,stellar motifs, lotus flowers,floral motifs
Aniconic Decoration: 
vegetal decoration
From: 1900
To: 2000
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Without inscription
Kind - Type of Inscription: Without inscription
Paleographic Data: Has no inscription
Language of Inscription: Without inscription
Keywords: Σταυρός
Φυτικός διάκοσμος
Monastery: Pantokratoros Monastery
Appears in Collections:Embroidery - Textiles

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