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Manuscript No: 0410
From: 1801
To: 1900
To (century): 19ος
Material: Paper
Dimensions: 150 x 110
Number of ff or/and pp: 
fols. 110
Number of columns: 1
Title: 16_01_0410
Language: Καραμανλίδικη
Content: fols. 1-: Collection of popular songs
φφ. 1-: Συλλογή τραγουδιών.

Notes info: Note kind: Ownership note
Note position: fol. 45r
Note text: Ioannis Levanits 1902 in chalki. [Ἰωάννης Λεβαντῆς. 1902 ἐν Χάλκῃ.]
Board material: Wood
Cover material: Leather
Binding decoration: Other
Other Information: 
From fol. 53 onwards Karamanlidika songs
Monastery: Xenofontos Monastery
Appears in Collections:Manuscripts

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