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The archives from the Monasteries and from the Holy Community of Mount Athos are distinguished in Greek and foreign languages.???? The archives from the Monasteries and from the Holy Community of Mount Athos are distinguished in Greek and foreign languages.

Greek Archives
The archive of Greek documents, according to their chronological period, can be distinguished in a) Byzantine, b) post-Byzantine and c) modern.

Foreign language Archives
The foreign language archives mostly include a) Slavonic, b) Turkish and c) Romanian documents.

The morphology of archival documents.
All archival documents are preserved in two forms:

a. Documents. The vast majority of the collection consists of documents in paper, with a single or more pages. A relatively small number of these documents, dating from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era, are written in parchment. There are also long scrolls, in both parchment and paper, with archival content.

b. Archival Codices. The archival codices, many of which are bulky and multi-paged, contain for the most part copies of documents and correspondance. The collection also includes financial records.

Documents: Results 3381-3392 of 3392.
Abstract: Απόδειξη πληρωμής προϊόντων.
Date from: 1876-05-14
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Απόδειξη πληρωμής βελόνων.
Date from: 1876-05-14
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Παραλαβή χρεωστικού ομολογίου και απόδειξης
Date from: 1912-04-13
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Απόδειξη των εισπραχθέντων ετησίων τόκων του κληροδοτήματος Βαρτέλλα για τις μονές Παντοκράτορος, Σταυρονικήτα και Σίμων...
Date from: 1894-01-27
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Αναφορά σε θέματα οικονομικής φύσης
Date from: 1912-05-25
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Παραλαβή υλικών και αποδείξεων για αυτά
Date from: 1913-01-19
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Διαδικασία αποστολής χρημάτων
Date from: 1913-04-26
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: -
Date from: 1878-07-08
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Δηλώνει ότι παρέδωσε στην επιτροπή της Μονής Σταυρονικήτα διάφορα έγγραφα του μετοχίου Κασσάνδρας, καθώς και ότι έλαβε 2...
Date from: 1888-08-02
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Απόδειξη συνδρομής σε εφημερίδα.
Date from: 1924-05-04
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Ενημέρωση παραλαβής χρημάτων συνδρομής εφημερίδος.
Date from: 1918-03-27
Type: Receipt/Invoice
Abstract: Απόδειξη αγοράς τυριού.
Date from: 1878
Type: Receipt/Invoice