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Tall vessel without handles
Digital ID: 00067
Conservation or Restoration: Unknown
Tall vessel without handles
Category: Other
Type-Use: Άλλο
General Group: Glazed
Colour and Stracture of Clay: Auburn
Colour of Glaze: White
Decoration of Glaze: Geometric figures - Lines
Floral/Vegetal motifs
Traces of Tripod Stilts: No
Traces of clay bars: No
Technique of Decoration: Simple engraved
From: 1900
To: 2000
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Mention of place of fashioning
Kind - Type of Inscription: Prose
Paleographic Data: Uncials
Language of Inscription: Other

Tall vessel without handles
Vegetal motifs decoration
Vase (?)
Geometrical decoration
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Notes for Related objects: 61
Monastery: Dionysiou Monastery
Appears in Collections:Ceramics

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