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Saint Tryphon and apostle James
Digital ID: 00708
Category: Portable icon
Conservation or restoration: Unknown
Dimensions: 18 χ 25 χ 3
Material: Wood
Technique: Flat
Bilateral Icon: Yes
Iconography- Obverse: 
Saint Tryphon and apostle James
Saint Tryphon, cross, sickle
Additional Revetments: Fitted with a woodcarved frame, gilded or not.
From: 1985
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Other
Kind - Type of Inscription: Prose
Paleographic Data: Uncials
Language of Inscription: Greek
Reverse without Iconography: 
apostle James

Saint Tryphon
apostle James
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Notes for Related objects: 00704-00715
Monastery: Xenofontos Monastery
Appears in Collections:Portable Icons

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