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The Resurrection (Anastasis) of Christ
Digital ID: 00015
Category: Portable icon
Conservation or restoration: Unknown
Dimensions: 27,5 x 20,8 x
Material: Wood
Technique: Wood with frame extension
Bilateral Icon: No
Iconography- Obverse: 
The Resurrection (Anastasis) of Christ
The Resurrection (Anastasis) of Christ, Harrowing of Hell, Christ, Adam , Eve, kings of Israel, Saint John the Forerunner, angels, Symbols of Passion, Cretan school.
Additional Revetments: Without additional revetment
From: 1650
To: 1700
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Without inscription
Kind - Type of Inscription: Without inscription
Paleographic Data: Has no inscription
Language of Inscription: Without inscription
Reverse without Iconography: 

The Resurrection (Anastasis) of Christ
Harrowing of Hell
Non-symmetrical type of Resurrection
Publication: The Treasury of the Protaton, vol. II, p. 217
Condition report: 
Quite good
Monastery: Holy Community of Mount Athos
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