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Manuscript No: 0101
Secondary Manuscript No: 966 Λάμπρος
From: 1501
To: 1550
To (century): 16ος αιώνας
Material: Paper
Dimensions: 34x23,5
Number of ff or/and pp: 
fol. Ι + 592 + α
Number of columns: 2
Christoforos priest.
Title: 15_01_0101
Language: Greek
Content: fol. 1-573r: Triodion
φ. 1-573r: Τριῴδιον

fol. 573v-589: Instructions for finding the feasts of the year.
φ. 573v-589: Ὁδηγίαι πρὸς εὕρεσιν τῶν ἑορτῶν τοῦ ἔτους

Notes info: Note kind: Scribal note
Note position: fol. 573r
Note text: Completion of the book of the Triodion. God's gift and hand of Christoforos priest. Year 1522, indic. 10, June. [μόλις ἐφεῦρον τέρμα τοῦ Τριῳδίου. Θεοῦ τὸ δῶρον καὶ Χριστοφόρου ἱερέως τοῦ Ἐλευθερίου χείρ. Ἔτους ,ζλ’ ἰνδος ι’ ἐν μηνὶ Ἰουνίῳ (1522).]
Condition: Κακή
Bibliography: Sp. Lampros, Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts on Mount Athos, vol. I, Καίμπριτζ 1895, σ. 85-86.
Description from the Lambros catalogue: Μηνιαίον Μαΐου.
Εν τέλει το δώρον και Νεκταρίου πόνος.
Monastery: Stavronikita Monastery
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