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Cover of Chalice
Digital ID: 00008
Cover of Chalice
Vestment or Veil: Cover of the holy vessels
Conservation or Restoration: No
Condition report: 
Dimensions: 74,5 x 19
Material: Silk fabric
Material of Additional Adornment: Silver threads
Silk threads
Twisted metal and silk threads
Gold threads
Kind of Lining: Linen lining
Technique: Flat embroidery
Man of Sorrows and evangelists (symbols)
Aniconic Decoration: 
Rinceau, stellar ornaments
From: 1700
To: 1800
Inscription info: Category of Inscription: Without inscription
Kind - Type of Inscription: Without inscription
Paleographic Data: Has no inscription
Language of Inscription: Without inscription
Keywords: Κάλυμμα Ιερών Σκευών (Ποτηρίου)
Άκρα Ταπείνωση
Σύμβολα Ευαγγελιστών
Φυτικός χρυσοκέντητος διάκοσμος
Publication: Μονή Σταυρονικήτα 1974, αρ. 19, σελ. 202 (Μ. Θεοχάρη).
Monastery: Stavronikita Monastery
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