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The Monasteries of Mount Athos possess and manage the largest collection of Greek manuscript codes in the world (approximately 15,000), dating from the 4th to the 19th century.???? The Monasteries of Mount Athos possess and manage the largest collection of Greek manuscript codes in the world (approximately 15,000), dating from the 4th to the 19th century.

The manuscripts, in parchment and paper, preserved in Mount Athos cover a large thematic area -from religious subjects to scientific and philosophical treatises-, decorated with priceless illuminations and decorations that renders them works of art.

The majority of the manuscripts preserved in the monasteries of Mount Athos are written in Greek language, which amount to more than 15,000. Furthermore, there are also:
(a) collections of Slavonic manuscripts (more than 1500) to be found both in Slavonic Monasteries, such as Chilandariou, Zografou or St. Panteleimonos, as well as in Greek Monasteries, and
(b) 100 approximately large Georgian manuscripts to be found in Iveron Monastery.

The manuscripts date from the 10th to the early 20th century. They are usually bulky, stacked (sometimes with wooden signs) written in parchment or paper.

A good number of them are adorned with illuminations and / or individual decorative elements (titles, initials, etc.). Many manuscripts contain works of ancient Greek, Byzantine, post Byzantine and modern secular literature: ancient Greek authors, Byzantine and post-Byzantine secular writers (historians, philosophers, literature) etc.

All of the monasteries posses musical manuscripts (church music).

Manuscripts: Results 3321-3337 of 3337.
Abstract: pp. 1 - 14 Supplication of Saint Theodoros Vyzantios the neomartyr.
Date from: 1801
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fols. 1r-184v: Monk Christodoulos, Homilies against the Jews (
Date from: 1590
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fols. Ιν: Table of contents.
Date from: 1937
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Nomokanon
Date from: 1601
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Vision of a certain monk.
Date from: 1827
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fols. 1r-39r: Solemn Canon of Andrew of Crete, chanted at the 1st week of the Lent.
Date from: 1847-03
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fol. Β interpolated: poem for a martyr
Date from: 1794-12-13
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Ecclesiastical music. Anastasimatarion, Protheoria, some compositions in Slavonic.
Date from: 1701
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Office of the Athonite Fathers
Date from: 1815
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Liturgies and other texts
Date from: 1601
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fols. 1-115: Canons, stanzas and supplicatory canons in honor of Saint Panteleimon
Date from: 1882
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Gospels of the Easter
Date from: 1789
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Ierodiakonikon: Taxis of hierodeacons.
Date from: 1701
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Menaion of November
Date from: 1639
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: Octoechos
Date from: 1601
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fols. 1r-2r: Basil of Caesarea. Hexaemeron Hom. II
Date from: 900
Type: Manuscripts
Abstract: fols. 1r-193v: Menaion of November and December.
Date from: 1301
Type: Manuscripts